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Doug Shouse | Jordan Shouse


Doug Shouse Marketing is a brand marketing firm that partners with clients who are passionate about building their consumer brands.

Our specialty is Engagement Marketing. We have a track record in creating growth through innovative marketing strategies and ideas, such as:

• Building consumer-driven branded communities
• Mobilizing brand enthusiasts for powerful brand advocacy
• Creating equity building brand signature promotions

Bigger ideas come from better insights. We use a proprietary online tool we’ve developed called the insideXchange® to explore brand perspective and opinions from customers, employees and other relevant groups.

The deliverable? Richer insights and ideas.

Ideas that inspire. Ideas that excite.

We know that talk is cheap. So, we talk straight, do what we say, and get you from point A to point B as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We are built for speed and efficiency. We orchestrate a marketing and creative collective…an experienced consortium of gifted thinkers and doers so we can quickly put the right resources on your issue…. without you paying for unnecessary overhead.